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How To Get Maximum Points on Candy Crush Level 46


This level contains jellies, meringues and locked candies. You may think that this level is impossible to pass because the jellies are under the locked candies, which are enclosed in piles of meringues. The goal is to clear all the jellies and get at least 20 000 points in just 15 moves. Focus on making special candies instead of trying to remove all meringues one by one. Try to make striped candies. They can hit meringues and locked candies. You can also create other combos, such as wrapped candies or color bombs. And you can combine them, in order to pass the level or get the maximum points. Working low can bring you down more candies, that allow you to make more matches for clearing the jellies and making combos. This level has only 15 moves, so you need to be wise and try to plan your every move. Focus your attention on making as much combos as possible and this will get you the maximum points on Candy Crush Level 46. Enjoy!

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