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Candy Crush Saga Tips for Level 350 + Video Walkthrough

Level 350 Strategy Option #1: Avoid all the bubble gum!
Eliminate the candies directly below the bubble gum machines first, then activate them to unleash bombs! This strategy for level 350 avoids the bombs until later in the level and focuses on activating the center columns and rows above and below the bubble gum machines. Be careful where you position and activate your special candy combos so as not to activate the bubble gum by accident. Make sure to clear as much of the bottom layers of jelly before the bombs are activated since this area contains the most jelly.

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Cheat: How to Get Free Lives in Candy Crush


If you run out of lives and don’t want to ask your friends for more or wait don’t fret because there is an easy cheat to get you full lives in seconds.

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How to beat “Jelly” Levels on Candy Crush Saga

Jelly levels are one of five different types of levels in Candy Crush Saga. This level type’s icon is blue with a white square around it and they are the most common level type. Jelly levels make up about 331 levels, or 43%! They are considered the hardest type of all 5. Some examples of jelly levels are: 70, 125, 167, 290, 323, 350, 410, 461, 549, 617 and many more!

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Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld

Candy Crush Saga has introduced some new levels in the game called Dreamworld. Currently there are 65 levels in dreamworld. These levels are comparable to the levels 1-65 in the normal game except they feature a lot more blockers. For some people who have been stuck on levels for quite some time, this is a savior. You can now play new levels in this separate world and leave that stuck level behind…for now. As once you beat all the dreamworld levels, you must return to the normal world where you were before.

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Stuck on level 70?

Just getting started in Candy Crush? We have scoured the internet to find the top 10 MOST difficult levels! Here are some awesome tips you can use to defeat level 70! The goal of level 70 is to clear all of the jellies and reach 60,000 points…in 45 moves.

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