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How To Get Maximum Points on Candy Crush Level 45


This level goal is to clear all the jelly and get the 140 000 points for the first star. This level has only 50 moves. You have the main target on this level and it is to match the candies to clear all the jelly. If you have the possibility, you can match 5 candies of the same color, this will make a color bomb. It is good for clearing the center candy. You can try to match 4 candies of the same color in order to make a striped candy (horizontal or vertical). Try to get “T” or “L” shape match of candies of the same color. And you can combine the special candies. Try to combine 2 color bombs and as a result, you will clear all the jelly and you will get the maximum point on Candy Crush level 45. But remember, you have to break the jelly 2 times. Make a smart moves and combinations in order to pass the level and get the maximum points. Try to use all combos and special candies. Enjoy!

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