Stuck on level 70?

Just getting started in Candy Crush? We have scoured the internet to find the top 10 MOST difficult levels! Here are some awesome tips you can use to defeat level 70! The goal of level 70 is to clear all of the jellies and reach 60,000 points…in 45 moves.

The first tip is crucial to beating level 70 of Candy Crush. When you break open the licorice X’s, the chocolate begins to multiply. The best set up for success to this level is to use your first moves eliminating all the jelly that is above the licorice X’s (on the right hand side of the board) without breaking them open. Now you should have less jelly to get rid of once you break open the licorice X’s and have to worry about the chocolate. Remember that if you don’t like your board before you make your first move, you can exit out of the level and get a fresh board without losing any lives.

Once you have used all the available moves on the right section of the board above the licorice X’s, move to the left and make special candies. Focus on creating horizontally striped special candies and sprinkle candies. These 2 special candies will let you hit the right side of the board and prevent the chocolate from taking over. The wrapped candy is useful when paired with a striped candy, this will clear a lot of the board and chocolate. Always remember that the chocolate will not multiply if you make a move that touches it, so if you have an opportunity to make a move next to the chocolate, use it!

If you are more of a visual or tactile learner we have found an AWESOME video for you to check out. It will lead you through step by step, so you can defeat this level! Be sure to check back often for the best tips, tricks, cheats, codes and strategies for your favorite new addiction–CANDY CRUSH! <3

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