How To Beat Candy Crush Level 92

Candy Crush Saga Level 92 is one of the more difficult levels in the game. Level 92 is located in the Bubblegum Bridge and to beat the level you must bring down 1 cherry and 2 hazelnuts as well as get at least 30,000 points. The reason this level is so difficult is because you have some locked candies at the bottom which you must first clear to even get the ingredients to the bottom. To add on to that you only have 5 columns that you can bring the ingredients down into. The other ones are blocked by a blank spot which no candies can go.

On level 92, your first priority is clearing the locked candies at the bottom. Without these gone, you will not be able to bring down any ingredients… period. Once you clear these locked candies, then you need to start working on getting the ingredients to the bottom. Look around for vertically striped special candies as they will be readily available. One of the harder pieces of level 92 is that the game will start some of the ingredients in a column that cannot reach the bottom, so you have to be able to switch the ingredient with a candy to get it aligned right to be able to get to the bottom.

Once you have aligned your candies you should start looking for vertically striped candies and crush them in the columns your ingredients are. This will bring them straight to the bottom (if you don’t have any licorice swirls in the column). If there are licorice swirls in the column, do not waste the striped candy because it will not go passed the licorice. First clear the licorice swirls in the column and then you can crush the striped candy.

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