How To Beat Candy Crush Level 9

Candy Crush Level 9 is a little bit tougher than level 8 in that the board is smaller. The good think is that you have 5 more moves so you have a little more leeway to clear the jelly. The harder part about this level is that its the first level that features a jelly that’s on its own out on the side with no other spaces around it. These are hard to get to sometimes since you can only line up candies horizontally with it or use a combo in the middle to clear these pesky little side jelly squares.

To beat Candy Crush Level 9, you must clear all the jelly squares which is only 22 squares. You must also get at least 22,000 points. If you can clear all the 22 jelly squares with extra moves to spare, you will probably win the level based on the fact that you get more points for extra moves you have at the end. Please check out the video for a look at how to beat level 9.

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