How To Beat Candy Crush Level 81

Candy Crush level 81 is the first level in the Bubblegum Bridge episode. This level is very easy and any type of Candy Crush Saga player should be able to beat this level fairly quickly. To beat level 81, you need to bring down 3 cherries and score at least 30,000 points. You should be on alert for locked candies and licorice swirls. These line the bottom of the board and you must get through these to bring down the cherries.

When playing level 81, your first priority is clearing those licorice swirls and unlocking the candy under it. With these in the way, you will not be able to bring down the cherry and beat the level. Once you have clear a nice little hole for the ingredient to go through start working the cherries down to the bottom.

A good tip for these type of levels is generating a vertically striped candy and crushing it in the same column as a ingredient is. The ingredient will fly to the bottom in 1 move. This is the best way to bring down ingredients.. but watch out! The striped candies are not effected by licorice swirls. The licorice swirl blocks the stream and will not go through it. So make sure you clear these out of the way before using any special candies. To see a video on how to beat level 81, check below.

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