How To Beat Candy Crush Level 70

Candy Crush Level 70 is one of the first extremely hard levels in Candy Crush Saga. In Level 70, you must clear 28 jelly squares as well as score at least 60,000 points to make it to the next level. 43% of people stop playing Candy Crush at this level and we know why… its hard!

There are a few things that make this level so difficult. One is that there are 2 types of blockers on this board. You have your locked candies and you also have the dreaded chocolate blockers. Another reason level 70 is so hard is because to clear the jelly you must make horizontal striped candies on the left to destroy the jelly and candy on the right. But don’t worry, we will walk you through the best tips to beat this level and move on to level 71.

Its important to remember the Candy Crush reshuffle trick on this board. When you first get to the level, check the board out. If there are no moves on the right hand side (especially a move that will break the locked candies) then click the yellow button in the bottom left corner and then click the red door. It will take you back to the map. Click on level 70 again and it will take you back to the board with a new set of candies. Once you find a board that has a few combinations on the right, start busting candies on the right as much as you can. Also keep an eye on the left for any possible horizontal striped candy opportunities. If you somehow get lucky and get a color bomb on the left, be sure to save it and try to mix it with a striped candy. This will almost certainly make you beat the level.

Your first priority should be clear the locked candies… then clear the chocolates.. then clear the jelly squares. You want to clear the locked candies so you have better access to clear the chocolates because these will just keep popping up every move if you don’t completely remove them. Once the chocolates are all gone, it will be much easier to clear the jelly on the right.

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