How To Beat Candy Crush Level 7

Candy Crush Level 7 is the first level where you are on your own. To beat Candy Crush level 7 you have to clear 52 jelly squares as well as score 60,000 points! Now, this level might take you a few times if you are new to Candy Crush…that’s ok. This level will teach you a lot about clearing jelly squares. The most important thing to know about jelly squares is you want to go in with the strategy of make the least amount of moves to clear the most jelly squares. Since this levels board is so big and open, its very easy to make combinations. Scan the board for 4 & 5 candy combinations. If ¬†you can get a few striped/wrapped combos, you will beat this level easy. If you can get just one color bomb/striped candy combo, you will beat the level with that move alone. If you can get all the jelly cleared with extra moves, its likely you will win the level since you get extra points for each move you didn’t use.

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