How To Beat Candy Crush Level 6

Candy Crush Level 6 is a level that will teach you how to clear jelly’s. Jelly’s are a clearish jelly type substance behind the candies that you must remove to beat levels. The jelly’s are in a lot of levels all the way up to the end of the game so become familiar with them as you will run across them a lot in your Candy Crush career. To remove jellies, all you have to do is crush the candies in the squares where the jellies are. In level 6, you can crush them with just one candy combination but in later levels, you will need to crush multiple candies over the jelly’s to completely remove them.

To beat Candy Crush Level 6, you must clear all 12 jelly as well as score at least 9,000 points. You must do all this in no more than 15 moves. To a Candy Crush amateur, this may seem like a big deal.. but its not. You can do it. Make sure to scan the board for any big candy combinations as they can clear jelly better than just the normal 3 candy combinations.

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