How To Beat Candy Crush Level 5

Candy Crush level 5 is an instructional level that teaches you how to create the biggest candy you can make… the color bomb. The color bomb is a special candy made from 5 candy’s in a row that can help create mass destruction of candies. For more information about how to make color bombs and other combinations to use color bombs with, visit our How To Play Candy Crush guide and see all the possibilities of combinations to use with color bombs.

To beat level 5 in Candy Crush and move onto level 6, you must score at least 5,000 points in no more than 20 moves. For a newbie, this may seem like a big feat, but don’t worry you can do it! The game already starts you out with a color bomb which you can use to make max point-age. The first timers will always use the color bomb right after you make it… but don’t do this. To get max points (and to even win a lot of later levels) you must save your color bombs and make bigger combinations. Try to get a striped or wrapped candy and mix it with a color bomb. This will give you more points then just mixing a color bomb with a normal candy.


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