How To Beat Candy Crush Level 461

Tips & Tricks on How To Beat Level 461 in Candy Crush Saga

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8 comments on “How To Beat Candy Crush Level 461
  1. Ronnie Allen says:

    Fabulous! Now if only I could do it! Bomb-stripes do help ….. maybe I need to pray louder, Tyler!

  2. Trees Ellen says:

    This level is inpossebel to play

  3. Jitendra Sanghvi says:

    good one sir

  4. its harder than the video look

  5. Marlene Noiles- Edmonds says:

    Wow….this level is impossible….I have been on it for days….

  6. Marlene Noiles- Edmonds says:

    Cannot even get the video to load

  7. This level is total crap. Why make these levels so freakin impossible that you hate the game and quit. I refuse to spend money on their boosters

  8. Bob Bretz says:

    This is definitely a 'made to make you buy boosters' level.

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