How To Beat Candy Crush Level 380

Candy Crush level 80 is located in the Easter Bunny Hills. When you beat this level, you will advance to the next episode which is the Bubblegum Bridge. To beat level 80 you only need to score 10,000 points. This level should be pretty easy for any type of Candy Crush Player. In level 80, you have a few blockers. There are meringue blockers and chocolate blockers. The board is also set up a little tricky with a few holes in it.

To beat this level, you need to work from the bottom of the board. If you see a chance to get a +5 combo, do it. This will give you 5 more seconds to score more points. Also watch for good special candy combinations as these will up your points a lot. Try and not worry about the chocolate too much because you can still get some great points with chocolate on the board. To view how to beat level 80 in a video, check out below.

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