How To Beat Candy Crush Level 350

Tips & Tricks on How To Beat Level 350 in the game of Candy Crush

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34 comments on “How To Beat Candy Crush Level 350
  1. Janet Dolak says:

    I just want to bypass this level!

  2. Charlene Kile says:

    This one has been the hardest so far; I've been stuck here for weeks! UGH!

  3. i stuck for week help i cant get it

  4. Belinda Nobles Dailey says:

    Level 350 is going to cause me to quit . Been stuck over a month ! uugghh

  5. Jean Clement says:

    I have been stuck on level 350 for a long long time… this person makes it look so easy…. got down to one once but nothing to switch candies then… grrrr…

  6. impausible de passer niveau 350 meme apret 2 mois je suis taner

  7. Every Sherman says:

    i have been stuck for over a month this is going to cause me to quite I just wanna skip this level

  8. Barb Jack says:

    What helps me is to use only down plays on top, no side stripes, then on the bottom do side stripes with wrapper, haven't beaten it yet but getting close, my friend did it in two days, bummer, I'm still waiting for that lucky board.

  9. Barb Jack says:

    No tips or tricks shown here how to beat this level, I agree with another person, watching the video isn't helpful. Tips in writing are

  10. Lainey LaWall says:

    I was in the top three of my friends until this level. I have been stuck on it for 3 months or more now and people are passing me. They must be getting a lucky board :-(

  11. Janet Mnichowicz says:

    I agree with everyone on here. I hate level 350! Got a short break when I got the Dream level with the owl. Went through it too fast though but it was more fun than this thing is. Bleech!

  12. Janet Mnichowicz says:

    I can't get the download for help on this level. Could you please give us a typed up Help? Thank you.

  13. Maya Velma says:

    I used to love this game and enjoyed playing it, but Level 350 makes me hate this game and quit!!!

  14. Victor Rose says:

    thats the biggest b. s. board ive ever seen

  15. Kim Newstrom says:

    Been stuck on lvl 350 for almost 2 months. This will make me quit the game. I used to play everyday on my down time. Now maybe 1 time a week… Don't even miss it at this point.

  16. Wendi Pettigrew Wright says:

    I agree with all below. When watching the video the bombs don't go off like if we were playing. Also have never seen so make chocolate candies as I have here. Tyler please help us that are stuck.

  17. I don't blame people for giving up on level 350

  18. Amanda Young says:

    Level 350 is dumb. been here over 2.5 months,looked at this video & still cannot break. Got down to 1 jelly once with 7 moves left & still cannot break it. It's rigged…..

  19. I done it a little while ago for sheila,and I don't even play it,lol

  20. Julie Anne Coppens-Nixon says:

    Where are the 2 bombs in walk thru?

  21. Paul Klein says:

    Just to give a little hope… CAN be done. But there is no ""trick" to it. it is ALL luck. Things just have to fall exactly right. Took me almost 2 weeks, but I got past it.

  22. Diane Gilson says:

    Yesterday, my husband and I each left only 2 jellies on the board! We have been trying to "crush" this level for days. I hate this level! I am ready to buy lollipops!

  23. Rebecca K. Meni says:


  24. I have been on this level for 6 days now. I watched the video over and over. I just can't the setups this person is getting. The closes I've come 2 and 4 .It's just got to be luck. I'm about to quit and go back to my "Big Fish Games" ……..

  25. this one can't be beaten i am about to quit be here for 3 weeks or more

  26. I did it FINALY after a week…..Now I'm stuck on 361

  27. Lisa Dunham Koehl says:

    The videos don't help that much. Actions don't necessarily explain strategy. Comments on the best approach are much more helpful.

  28. Been stuck for over 3 months so I don't play it much now gone one to bigger and better things.
    This level changed my whole attitude about the game.

  29. Doreen Drake says:

    Also sick of this level been on now for over a month also where are the donuts I keep winning on the wheel ready to delete game

  30. Dave Kuehl says:

    My level 350 only gives you 40 moves….I finally beat it….but I think if I would have had 60 like you are showing….it would have been easier……took me a week….which I guess is not too bad…..181 was the one that got me the most…..

  31. I wish I had 60 moves like the video. I only have 40. How did they get 60?

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