How To Beat Candy Crush Level 341

Candy Crush Level 341 is a tricky level. It is defiantly one of the harder levels in the game. To beat this level, you must collect 6 color bombs and score at least 10,000 points. You only have 40 moves to get the 6 color bombs.

The tricky part about this level is the assumed strategy. Your initial instinct is to try and get to the color bombs in the marmalade (and under double meringues I may add) but this isnt how you are going to beat this level. You may be able to get to 1 of those color bombs at the very end but you are going to have to just make your color bombs on the left side of the board and not worry about the meringue on the right as much.

Its actually a lot easier to create color bombs on the left, once you clear the meringue in the left column. To best clear the meringue, play from the bottom most part of the left side as you can. This way every move you make should clear a meringue. If you have open moves at the top and bottom, play the bottom always. You want to clear the left meringue as fast and as little moves as possible so you can make your color bombs.

Once you do this start working on making color bombs. By now in the Candy Crush Saga, you should be capable of making color bombs but if not you should check out our guide on how to play candy crush. To see a video of how its done, check below.

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