How To Beat Candy Crush Level 325

Candy Crush level 325 is located in the Munchy Monolith episode. To beat level 325 you must  bring down 6 cherries and 6 hazelnuts and also get a score of at least 100,000 points. This level is quite difficult because it has so many blockers. Level 325 features Chocolate, Licorice swirl, Chocolate Fountains, and Marmalade. The entire lower half of the board is covered in chocolate and the bottom sides are lined with the chocolate fountains. You also have a layer of marmalade holding the chocolates in.

Level 325 is all about getting a good starting board. You should only start playing the level if you have a clear vertical striped or wrapped candy combination opportunity. If you do not, restart the level until you get one. The trick to this level is keeping the chocolate under control but also getting the ingredients to the bottom at the same time.

A good tip for this level is to use the vertically striped candies in the same column as the ingredients to bring down 1 or multiple ingredients with one move. Luckily, you have 53 moves on this level which will be cutting it close but enough to beat it. Remember to play from the bottom of the board once the chocolates are cleared. To view a video on how to beat level 325, view below.

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