How To Beat Candy Crush Level 323

In Candy Crush Saga level 323 you need to clear the jelly and score 125,000 points.

There are no blockers or any jelly in this level, which makes it seem easy but with only 25 moves this is tricky. There is also an additional challenge with the board being split in to four sections, with portals joining pairs together. This means that you have to work on each 4×4 section separately and it means that making special candies is tricky, color bombs are impossible and striped and wrapped candies are difficult too. There are mystery candies that fall down from the top from time to time, but they could turn in to something that will disrupt play such as chocolate or a 5 move bomb or blockers.

The easiest way to complete the level is to remove lots of jelly squares with special candies. A wrapped/stripped combination, color bomb and stripe or a wrapped candy could be very useful. These are not easy to do though and you may have to rely on the mystery candies making special candies for you. This may mean that you will have to play a number of times in order to get lucky enough to win.

You can start with a wrapped and stripped candy which could be useful boosters as long as they are well positioned. Extra moves could be handy if friends have sent you any as you do not get many. Other in play boosters could be handy depending on how the game is going.

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