Candy Crush Level 305

level 305 episode

Tips & Tricks on How To Beat Level 305 in the game of Candy Crush

Candy Crush Level 305 Details:

  • Episode: Jelly Jungle
  • Rewards: Finishes the episode
  • Blockers: Two-layer meringueThree-layer meringueMarmaladeFive-layer meringue
  • Number of spaces: 72
  • Moves/Time Limit: 55
  • Passing Score: 140,000 Points
  • Target: Clear 72 jelly squares; and Score 140000 to pass the level
  • Difficulty: Very hard

Candy Crush Level 305 Walkthrough Video

By Tyler Horvath on November 5, 2013

Tyler Horvath is the owner and creator of Candy Crush Aid. Candy Crush Aid is your #1 source for Candy Crush Saga Guides, Tips, Cheats & Help.


5 comments on “How To Beat Candy Crush Level 305
  1. cheats. well, duh. Mystery solved!

  2. Paul Klein says:

    I did it without cheats….just need some luck….took like 4 days of trying

  3. Anne Weaver Rock says:

    About ready to stop playing CCS. Just going nowhere with 305.

  4. Diane Bulmer Zegouros says:

    OK, this is the 2rd time this week that Candy Crush freezes on the Win. You can not get out of it unless you end the game. Bummer when it takes so many game to win and it doesn't let you have the win. :-(

  5. where do you get the paint bush that you used in this demo?

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