How To Beat Candy Crush Level 30

Candy Crush Level 30 is a ingredient level in which you must bring down 3 hazelnuts and 3 cherries. You also must score at least 30,000 points to advance to the next level. The trick to this level is to play from the bottom as much as you can. Clear all the meringue first so you have a bigger board to work with which will enable you to create candy combinations. Good candy combinations to make in this level are the striped vertical candies. These will allow you to position the striped vertical candies above or below any ingredient. When you crush the candy it will crush the entire vertical column and let the ingredient fall to the bottom of the board. This allows you to bring down ingredients with only 1 move, which will allow you more moves which you will need since you must bring down 6 ingredients. Now, you only have 60 moves on this level so you must work fast. After each move, scan the board for possible candy combinations but do not crush them unless they are a vertical stripped candy. Instead, save them and wait for a bigger candy/candy combination that can bring down even more ingredients. Be sure to watch the level 30 video below.

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8 comments on “How To Beat Candy Crush Level 30
  1. Tyler Horvath XI says:

    this level is a little tough… anyone agree?

  2. Vern Wash says:

    Been in this fraggin level for what seems like forever!

  3. Ginny Lee says:

    Been at this level since 12/21. Don't feel so bad now I know I'm not alone. Thought I was heading for the local funny farm but now know I can get thru "…with a little help from my friends".

  4. I have been stuck here for a week…driving me nuts. Can't get all the cherries and coconuts down before I run out of moves. Have only been close a couple of times.

  5. I've been stuck for 3 weeks.. I think I am going to make it, but only have 3 moves left and a cherry pops up at the r u supposed to bring that down in 3 moves..getting very frustrating.

  6. Tony Uminski says:

    my biggest frustration is getting all the icing off with 25 moves left only to have the freaking fruit never come down…

  7. Ilan Justh says:

    what triggers when the fruit falls?

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