How To Beat Candy Crush Level 275

Candy Crush level 275 is one of the hardest levels in Candy Crush Saga. Over 20% of people who reach this level, quit the game because of its difficulty. Level 275 is hard because it features chocolate spawners as well as candy bombs. To beat level 275, you must clear 65 jelly squares and also get at least 130,000 points. The level only has 69 spaces so that means pretty much every space is jelly.

There are many tips and things you can do to beat level 275 but a lot of it is it just plain luck. You probably will not beat this level on the first try. The way to beat this level is to remember and play from the bottom. But don’t forget to try and save the jelly fish at the bottom. They could be your last hope when you only have a few jelly squares left to destroy at the end of the level. You need to keep a good balance if clearing jelly and keep a control on the chocolates. The problem is that when a chocolate covers a jelly you must first clear the chocolate to clear the jelly. This creates an extra layer that will holds you back from winning level 275. Make sure you take your time on each move and find the best possible move to destroy the most amount of jelly. The most difficult part of this level is the bombs that come down on the sides. They are hard to get to because they only come out with 4 seconds/moves on them. If you can, only play from the middle of the board to keep these candy bombs off the board and only burst the top corner chocolates at the end when you have cleared almost all the other jelly.

This level can make you lose really fast so remember that you can get unlimited candy crush lives by using our tip (if you are playing on your mobile device). You will probably need to use this trick a lot since this level is so difficult. If you are still failing and need some inspiration, watch the video below and watch it happen.

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