How To Beat Candy Crush Level 260

Candy crush level 260 is located in the Delicious Drifts episode of Candy Crush Saga. This level is considerably easy and to beat it you have to clear 61 jelly squares and Score 14,0000 points. When you beat this level you will move on to the next episode. This level features Candy bomb, Three-layer meringue, Chocolate fountains, Four-layer meringue, and Marmalade blockers. 

To beat level 260, you need to be good at clearing the meringues. Try and work your way around the meringues clearing all except the ones around the chocolate fountain that is in the middle of the board. This way the chocolates will not start spawning until you are almost done with the level. Clear as much jelly squares as you can without level the chocolate fountain go. Once you have clear as much as you can, you can clear the meringues around the chocolate fountain but be sure to keep the jelly fish. These are great for getting those last jelly squares you cant reach. You can also mix them with a striped candy and it will crush a lot of candies for you. For more help on level 260 and too see a video on how to beat it, check below.

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