How To Beat Candy Crush Level 184

Candy Crush Level 184 is a very difficult level because you have to destroy 11 jelly squares and score 25,000 points and the jelly squares are surrounded by chocolate fountain blockers. Level 184 is located in the Cupcake Circus Episode and you only have 40 moves to clear the 11 jelly squares.

First off, check the space where to jelly squares are to see if there are any available candy combinations. This could really help move the level along but most of the time there isn’t a combo already there for you. You gotta do it the hard way. So on level 184 you want to create vertical striped candies and wrapped candies to make wrapped-stripped candy combinations. This is the best way to clear the jelly squares.

Many people tend to worry to much about the chocolate and crush the chocolate every time. Just forget about the chocolate and play your own game. Don’t let all the sugar from the chocolate cloud your judgment! There will be endless chocolate, we know that. Just make your special candies and when you go to clear the jelly with them, you will clear the chocolate as well.

Also, after every jelly square you clear, check the inside of the chocolate fountains to make sure there aren’t any 3 candy combinations inside it. Its a lot easier to bust the jelly squares with a normal combo then having to make a special candy combination to clear them. For a instructional video on how to beat Candy Crush level 184, view below.

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