How To Beat Candy Crush Level 181

Candy Crush Level 181 is one of the hardest levels in Candy Crush Saga. Over 30% of people stop playing Candy Crush because they get stuck on this level for so long. Luckily, we are here to give you some great tips on how to beat level 181. To beat this level, you must bring down 2 cherries and score at least 20,000 points with only 50 moves. This level features meringues and multi-layered meringues which are located on the sides of the board holding up the cherries that you need to bring down.

The reason this level is so difficult is because the multi-layered meringues. These are not easy to get to since they are on the sides of the board. The best way to beat this level is to first clear all the single meringues in the middle of the board. This way, you can work more easily to make striped candy combinations. All you have to do is destroy a bunch of horizontal striped candies to destroy the layers of meringue on the sides of the board (the ones that are keeping the cherries from dropping). This is not an easy task though…but the game has to make the level beatable so its very easy to get candy combinations in this level. You want to save these. Watch for color bombs as they tend to be made easy in this level. If you can mix a color bomb with a striped candy, you can really do some damage to the multi-layered meringues on the sides. Striped Candies + Wrapped Candies can also create a good amount of damage on those meringues as well.

The thing to rememeber when playing Candy Crush level 181 is to first watch for horizontal striped candies and bust them in the row of where the meringues are located on the sides. Also, to save your special candies so you can create even better combinations that better destroy these pesky meringues. Too see how its done, check out the video below.

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35 comments on “How To Beat Candy Crush Level 181
  1. Michelle Carlini-Santin says:

    AAAAHHHhhhhhhh! I need to pass this level! help!

  2. Oh sure….they make it look easy. ARRRGH…been stuck on this level for a month !!!

  3. Matt Farley says:

    i hate this level im stuck it must be so easy to them errrrr

  4. Rosalie Sprecher-Dinkin says:

    If i don' pass this level in the next few games I quit. Had enough. It is supposed to be fun when you could go on to a different game instead of playing it over and over and over, boring…and frustrating

  5. Mau Mau Mogli says:

    been stuck here for a month as well, thank God for new dream world muck easier click on owl icon top left of main page enjoy

  6. Dan Carman says:

    Yea right. Too bad it never works that way. The bombs explode vertically the majority of the time. They want you to fail so you can keep buying lives. Time to move on to a different game.

  7. Rita Pautsch says:

    I agree with every comment on here! This is supposed to be fun, and I am tired of putting my money into one level. I am done with the game. I used to look forward to candy crush everyday. I play other games now.

  8. Gerard Grandy says:

    got this level with 16 moves left after 4 days , all of a sudden things just fall in place go figure

  9. Kim Day says:

    I have been at this level for about 2 mts, getting frustrating now

  10. Tina McHone House says:

    I am soooo sick of level 181. Too bad the game makers make it so frustrating that people quit playing. I refuse to pay to play, and I use boosters whenever I get them off the daily bonus wheel, but I still can't pass it.

  11. Audrey Diamond says:

    My whole Candy crush game is a little broken right now. I can't give or recieve lives, and when 5 lives show to play i get about 2 plays out of it.Also my daily spin is broken. It is the only thing that is not working right on my computer and no updates avaiable—-so if anyone has any ideas let me know or i'm done.

  12. Karen Currie says:

    It might be trying to tell you something lol.

  13. Audrey Diamond says:

    Karen Currie , smart ass

  14. Martha Stauffer Muir says:

    This post screams HELP ME! Rehab may be your only hope….;)

  15. Audrey Diamond says:

    I've been to rehab!!! It didn't help…LOL

  16. Doris Mchone says:

    I can't imagine you not being able to get it. You are a smart lady!!

  17. I have had people over and make them try I have taken it to work and get co worker to try wtf and then I see this same as what im doing help

  18. This is crazy… had someone several levels behind me…. that was in October…. it is January and he is at level 300+ and I'm still at 181!!!! Just about done with this game!!!!

  19. Lee Marie Bellevage Ritenour says:

    Don't give up. I did the same thing. It took forever!! I used to get so frustrated with it that I could only play it once or twice at a time. The levels after are much easier.

  20. this level is getting me angry im about done with this game been on level 181 for over a year and im still stuck

  21. Rose Furlong says:

    Mine doesn't even look like this. WTF

  22. Rose Furlong says:

    only opening pic is the same.

  23. Why did I lose 15 gold bars…when I purchased 50 more…Should have 65..only got 50!! Help!! date..2/2/14 thanks for your anticipated co-operation!

  24. SORRY Candy Crush…..I added wrong……I should have double checked before writing to you! SO SORRY!!

  25. Grace DePalma Avvento says:

    After playing this game over a thousand times, they should give it to you. I'm done. See you on another game.

  26. I enjoyed this game until this level. I am going to be included in the 30%, just sick of it.

  27. Ann Ibrahim says:

    was having fun till this game it is impossible to get it..and I even figured out how to get the vertical stripes and it still doesn't work .going back to other games.

  28. Margaret-Waty Martin says:

    I'm done with this game. Games are supposed to be fun. This 181 level makes it impossible to be fun. Going to another game.

  29. I agree I been on this level for 2 months, and I am going on to other games. Like everyone is saying this use to be fun, but it boring and better games to play.

  30. Debbie Roberts says:

    I've been on this level for over three months stopped playing for a while and now started again but still not joy as stated its should be fun and it is really annoying me now :-(

  31. it is really a stupid level becoz after many weeks i m still unable to cross it .what a stupidity is it game or a unbeatble puzzle.

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