How To Beat Candy Crush Level 167

Candy Crush Level 167 is located in the Pastille Pyramid episode of Candy Crush Saga. To beat this level and move on to the next, you must clear 65 jelly squares and score at least 80,000 points. This is one of the hardest levels of the game and many people get stuck and give up on it. Level 167 is so difficult because it features 4 Chocolate fountains in the 4 corners of the board. It also features many two-layer meringue blockers which cover some of the jelly squares.

To beat Level 167, you must follow a few strategies and also have some dumb luck. A good strategy to follow for this level is to clear as many as the jelly squares in the middle as you can first. This way the meringues stop the chocolate fountains from producing any chocolate. Try and not to destroy any special candies you may have on the board that would clear the meringue.

Once you have cleared most of the middle jelly squares, start destroying the meringues and creating special candies to save and mix with each other. For this level, the wrapped/wrapped candy combination does really well since its so good at destroying layered meringues.

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