How To Beat Candy Crush Level 165

Candy Crush Level 165 is a very difficult level to beat. To move on to the next level, you must collect 99 blue candies, 49 yellow candies and 24 green candies; and Score 50000 to pass the level. In level 165 you will face many blockers like chocolate spawners, chocolates and candy bombs. What makes the level difficult is you have to worry about collecting the candies while you have chocolates and candy bombs to worry about… but we have some great tips that will help you get passed level 165.

For any level where you are collect certain color candies, the absolute best candy combination you can do is the color bomb with a striped candy of the color you are trying to collect. You usually want to mix it with the color of the candies you need most. In the case of level 165, its the blue candies since you need to collect 99 of them. If you are coming up short on the blue candies every time then you defiantly want to try and go for this strategy.

The best strategy for these levels where you need to collect candies but have blockers is to only try and crush the candies of the colors you need unless you absolutely have to crush a different color. Also saving your special candies to make bigger and better combinations will really help you. Its also good to remember to not worry about the chocolate so much… Its going to keep coming, you can count on that. Just focus on the color of candies you need to destroy (which are blue, yellow and green in level 165) and just stuck to those. If you see a chance for a color bomb or other combo… take it. You can destroy more of one color with big moves then just doing three at a time. View the video below on how to beat level 165 in candy crush.

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