How To Beat Candy Crush Level 149

Tips & Tricks on How To Beat Level 149 in the game of Candy Crush

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11 comments on “How To Beat Candy Crush Level 149
  1. Gigi Acuna Cordero says:

    woohoo this is so great!!!!!

  2. Tonia Rensberger says:

    I really don't like level 149, it relies so much on the chance at the beginning that you can be doomed not to pass it right from the get go … I think you ought to be allowed 1 pass for every so many games, it doesn't have to be a high score just the bare minimum – just so you pass it. And, why is it that I don't see the extra lives that people give me or any of the other gifts … they don't always show up, in fact many of them I never see!! Candy Crush can be very aggravating!

  3. Wow!! Thanks so much for all of your work!! This is such a great help!!!!

  4. really catching it on this level'

  5. Chris Lovell says:

    This level is ridiculous… can be doomed right off the bat. Not a fun level !
    I'm stuck on it…. You know

  6. Caroline Mcerlane Goddard says:

    tyhis level is far to difficult this is a nogo from the start and why do i not recieve my free lives ect becoming a pain

  7. As far as the lives go, don't accept them if you already have 5. Wait until you get low, then accept them.

  8. The worst level yet, like everyone says you can be doomed after the first move. I hate it so I can't play candy crush anymore

  9. candy crush not working again! big surprise (ha!) Don't fall for the extra lives and gifts with like & share.They give your email to 3rd parties and you will start receiving email from all types of advertisers on a daily basis! You then have to unsubscribe from their mailing list.

  10. I have been stuck on this level for months but this video shows a board that i would say was very friendly,making completion of this level very easy..Most of my games are doomed from the beginning…i have never gotten a board with so many combinations, matter of fact combinations are very hard to come by..but i persevere and hope one day to conquer level149…these games are supposed to be for fun and to help folks relax but its does the complete opposite.Too much frustration and stress!!!!

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