How To Beat Candy Crush Level 140

Candy Crush Level 140 is one of the harder levels in the episode of Water Warf. Once you beat level 140, you will move on to the next episode. To beat the level you must collect 99 red candies, 99 orange candies and 99 yellow candies. You must also score at least 30,000 points. There are no blockers in this level but you have a lot of candies to destroy in only 45 moves.

As with all levels that require you to collect candy orders, the best move you can do is a color bomb with a striped candy of the color you need to collect. This gets you the most orders with the least amount of moves. Now, this level isn’t going to be easy. You are going to have to play for a while and get somewhat lucky. Make sure that when you get a color bomb, you save it and do not crush it, unless your mixing it with another special candy. You should also try and get the most amount of colors of the striped candy on the board before you mix the special candies. This will ensure you will collect the most amount of that color possible. A great example is shown the video below.

Also remember to try and only crush candies that are the colors of orders you need (in the case of level 140, you only want to collect red, orange and yellow candies). Keep an eye on the board to the left that shows you what you have so far. You want to make sure you are keeping all the numbers even so you don’t get behind on a certain color. For a good example of how to beat level 140, check out the video below.

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12 comments on “How To Beat Candy Crush Level 140
  1. Tyler Horvath XI says:

    This level is very hard!

  2. am stock on dis level..thnks 2ur guide….

  3. Sarah Hoffman Bullinger says:

    Having trouble with this level , (140) Very disappointing every time I play it. Need help!!!!

  4. Marcia Bernhardt Miller says:

    You go girl , your almost at my back door .

  5. Pat Corhn says:

    Was on this level level for two weeks. I tried every strategy I could come up with..Finally beat it and felt victorious!!

  6. Rosemarie Stpeter says:

    This level is very hard not like it …

  7. I find this level very hard! Tried everything!

  8. Judith L. Mayes Bergh says:

    This level stinks, makes me not want to play the game

  9. this level really angers me because it takes the bombs Im saving and blows them up when it wants to not when I want to.

  10. this video doesnt show us anything we dont already know. After playing tis level a thousand times there isnt any trick to show us!!!! we already know it. And its luck more then it is skill.

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