How To Beat Candy Crush Level 125

Tips & Tricks on How To Beat Level 125 in the game of Candy Crush

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17 comments on “How To Beat Candy Crush Level 125
  1. I most be stock for 30 days,i will give it up soon,

  2. Teresa Osullivan says:

    im trying but still don't get it, ive been stuck fo two months

  3. I get down to one and the game is over. HELP

  4. Grace Kneier says:

    I'm giving it to the end of the year. Most challenging level so far.

  5. Cathleen Hart says:

    geez, kind of glad I never got in to this… I have enough vices already! Good Luck to you!

  6. Kathy Forder says:

    I am fed up .Been here for about 3 months. Think it is time to give up this game. I have been down to 1 and 17 moves left and there is no way you can get to it.

  7. worse level so far -been playing for weeks and can`t beat it -gonna give it all up soon if i don`t get through it soon

  8. Have been stuck on 125 for over 4 months please help….

  9. Bo DeBruin says:

    Just played it for the first time in over a month and FINALLY beat this level. I haven't had this much trouble since level 79.

  10. Crystal Colley says:

    I've been stuck for about 3 months and I'm ready to give up too. Geez, love the game but this is ridiculous.

  11. Elliot Udell says:

    can't get anywhere with this level. Might have to give up playing the game

  12. Elliot Udell says:

    I tried buying the helping things but this did not help either. Is there any strategy that works to get past this level?

  13. I actually finished and it shows me moving to where I'd normally do quests but none show up. It just has ask a friend and buy a pass. I got a pass from a friend but it's not showing up or showing quests. Thought maybe I didn't score high enough or something but I just finished level 125 again and still no quests
    What's up?

  14. Sudhir Jain says:

    U can never get stuck. Viele viele

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