How To Beat Candy Crush Level 103

Candy Crush level 103 is a pretty difficult level. About 10% of people quit playing Candy Crush Saga because of this level. To beat level 103, you must clear 41 jelly squares and also score 100,000 points to move on to the next level. The level is difficult for a few reasons. For one, there is a bomb in the upper left hand corner with only 7 moves on it. The left column will flow down through the wormhole into the right part of the board.

To start, play at the bottom of the board on the right. This way, the bomb on the left will be moved to the right side, where you can more easily destroy it. If you managed to clear the bomb before it exploded, then you need to work on the chocolate. Try and clear all the chocolate so its out of the way. Then you can start clearing the jelly squares. For the hard to reach jelly squares in the upper right and left side of the board, you should try and use vertical striped candies to clear these.  Striped/Wrapped candies  combinations also work very well on this level because they clear both jelly squares and chocolates at the same time. For a detailed video on how to beat Candy Crush Saga level 103, view the video below.

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