How To Beat Candy Crush Level 102

Candy Crush level 102 is located in Salty Canyon and is a pretty difficult level to pass. To move on to the next level, you must bring down 2 cherries and 2 hazelnuts and also score at least 65,000 points. What makes this level so hard is you have multiple blockers as well as a separated board. This level features licorice swirls, chocolates and also time bombs. This makes it hard to clear the chocolate because licorice swirls are not remove by any special candies. You must play the bottom 1 row to clear the licorice. You also can’t forget about the timed bombs because they only start with 5 moves.

Your first priority needs to be to watch the bombs. Make sure to clear all bombs on the board before you do anything else. The chocolate will also not multiple because its being held in by the licorice swirls so you don’t need to worry about that until the bombs are clear. Once the bombs are clear, you can start making special candies at the top. Preferably, you should be trying to make vertical striped candies, but save them til AFTER you clear the licorice swirls because the vertical striped candies will not clear the row unless the licorice is gone.

Once you have clear the licorice, start using the vertical striped candies to bring the ingredients to the bottom. If you can, get all the chocolate off the board so it doesn’t multiply and you can work with the board a little better. View the video below to see how to beat Candy Crush Saga level 102.

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