How To Beat Candy Crush Level 100

Candy Crush level 100 is located in the Salty Canyon episode. To beat this level, you must clear 25 jelly squares and also get a score of at least 60,000 points. The tricky part about this level is the time-bomb at the bottom middle of the board. There is 15 moves on the bomb, so your first priority needs to be to clear this bomb.

Your best bet is to first clear the meringue at the top of the board so the candies fall down into the jelly square section. Then, you need to work on clearing the licorice locked candy that the bomb is in. Another possibility for more advanced candy crushers is to make a vertical striped candy at the top of the board and crush it in the middle so the vertical clear unlocks the bomb and clears all the meringue in the middle. If you can clear this bomb before it goes off, then its likely you will beat Candy Crush level 100.

Once you clear the time bomb, start clearing all the 25 jelly squares but be careful because you only have 20 moves and after getting that bomb unlocked, you probably don’t have many moves left. Make sure to play from the bottom if you can and don’t worry too much about the bottom meringues because there is no jelly squares under them. Too see this live, check out the video below.

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