How To Beat Candy Crush Level 10

Candy Crush Level 10 is rated as a very easy level because its such a huge board with lots of possibilities to make combinations. Though, its a little harder than level 9 (of course) because it has even more jelly squares to clear. In level 10 you must clear 39 jelly squares and also get a score of at least 40,000 points. This is the most points you have had to get so far in the game… but don’t be scared. You can do a few combos and you will be up there in no time.

To beat level 10 and move onto the next level and the next episode you need to strategize a little bit. When you come to boards that are this large you need to scan it before you begin and find all the combination possibilities. At this point in the game you should stop thinking of looking for 3 candy combos and start looking for 4 and 5 candy combinations to start making striped candies and wrapped candies. You should also start trying to play from the bottom. If you crush candies at the top, you will get less destruction because nothing will move down on the board. If you start trying to crush candies that are lower on the board then the candies will move down and more than likely, you will get more crushing in the middle and top of the board.

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