How to beat Level 308

How to beat Level 308


There are five types of levels in Candy Crush Saga, and Level 308 is a Jelly level. The goal of this level is to clear 18 jelly squares in 45 moves and this will get you 35,000 points! In order to beat any jelly level you have to clear all of the jelly on the board by making a match with a piece of candy on top of the jelly. Some of the higher levels are double jelly levels, and on those you must make two matches on top of a jelly square in order to clear it from the board. For more tips and tricks, read on!


Focus on the jelly! Your only objective on jelly levels is to clear the jelly so concentrate on making matches on jelly squares and don’t worry about the rest of the board. If you can’t make a match on top of the jelly, try using jelly fish! Jelly fish act like normal candies that you match with other candies of the same color, but when you make a match with a jelly fish it will swim right off the screen. Then more jelly fish will swim onto the screen to eat jelly squares. Double jelly squares count as one match. Jelly squares at the top of the board and at the corners can be tricky so try to clear the board first and then target any remaining jelly. This will get you a sugar crush and that means lots of points for you!

When you’re starting out on Level 308 you should be aware that the candies in the two columns are chameleon candy, and this means they change colors after each move. Pay attention to the patterns and plan how you will make a match on your next move. One great thing about this level is that you are supplied with two color bombs that you can free up from the marmalade and combine with the striped candy.


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