Jelly Square Level Tips

Jelly Square Level Tips

One of the most important strategies in Candy Crush Saga is to know how to crush jelly squares. Jelly squares are the clear jelly type squares behind the candies that you must crush to beat the level. We first see these type of levels in the Candy Town episode and more specifically, Candy Crush level 6. When we first start seeing jelly squares, they are easily remove with a single crush of the candies…but after a while they get harder and harder to remove and there is a lot more of them. This little tips and tricks guides will give you a few pointers on how to better beat levels that feature jelly squares.

candy37There are a few things to remember when playing levels that feature the candy crush jelly. When playing these levels, you must first scan the entire board for combinations. Combinations are the fastest way to remove the most jelly in the least amount of moves. If you play most levels and only make 3 candy combinations to clear jelly, you will not beat the level. You must find high combinations. I have found the one of the best combinations to use with jelly is the color bomb/striped candy combinations. This will create a striped candy for every candy of the same color you mixed the color bomb with. This will create max jelly destruction.

You also want to remember to always crush the candies that will destroy the most jelly first. You want to clear the most jelly using the least amount of moves possible. Another great combination to try and use on jelly levels is the wrapped candy/wrapped candy combination. These are great to use because it burst a large area of jelly…twice! When you get to higher levels where you must crush jellies a few times before they go away, this really comes in handy. You also have to remember to try and not chase combinations. If you are wasting a lot of moves trying to make combinations you will look down and realize you have no moves left and you haven’t gotten your combo. Make sure when chasing a combo that you are also crushing jellys at the same time. For more information on how to make combinations check out our How To Play Candy Crush guide.


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