Getting Extra Lives Without Waiting

candy-crush-saga-app-iconMany of us have probably waited a really long time to get back those 5 lives. Well, if you play candy crush on your phone we have a great tip for you to get as many lives as you want whenever you want! To understand how this works we figured out how the game works. The Candy Crush Game uses your clock time on your phone to judge when it should give you more lives.

So the trick is to change your time on your phone or mobile device (should also work on ipads, etc) and you will see that you can get more lives just by setting your clock an hour or few in the future. Now you have to be careful with this little tip because you can go so far into the future time on your phone that when you set it back to the actual time, your candy crush timer will say you have 2342342 days until your next life. To fix this, you can just uninstall Candy Crush from your phone and re-install it and you should be back to normal! Happy Crushing!

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49 comments on “Getting Extra Lives Without Waiting
  1. This helped a lot! I do it all the time!

  2. Mc Dermiel Dumo says:

    who guys know the trick that will give you a million lives and a million lollipop? please? i will be having an award if i get this shit. my brother knew this but he is so freakin' selfish to share this to me

  3. Rake Moreno says:

    No puedo pasar el nivel 92..como hago?

  4. Betty Coombs says:

    yes..please share with me also!!!

  5. on my pc it takes away my lives how do I save them

  6. Mc Dermiel Dumo says:

    Betty Coombs im sorry dear. I can't cause I don't know

  7. Hoss Boswell says:

    Here's a lil add to that trick. After changing your time go to the game and when it says u have 5 lives. Then before using a life go back and change the time back to normal and u will still have ur 5 lives and u don't have to wait crazy time before ur next. Life

  8. Can you tell me what the kingdom on candy crush is and why won,t it let me connect to facebook

  9. please im so upset i cant get off level 86, please help!!!!!!!!!

  10. 109 will be the death of me, can`t figure how to get the 2 bombs off

  11. Bonnie Autry says:


  12. Why do you have us invite our friends and then when they give us extra lives you take them away?? Tyler Horvath if you can not fix this I am going to delete my Candy Crush. Its not right for us to send lives back and forth to just keep your game going when you want let us have our lives when we get them sent to us. Here is a suggestion fix the problem or your Candy Crush is going to be deleted from a lot of computers and I-Phones. I don't want to know how to cheat I just want my lives when I get them. I was not on for 2 days. I had 15 lives showing and I sent lives back to all of them and I only got 5 5o play with. Read the comments below I am not the only one getting upset with you taking our extra lives, you did not use to do it we use to get them all so if you broke it you can fix it. Thanks!!

  13. How do I get tickets from my friends to go past roadblocks? I've been stuck at level 50 because I don't know how to get or give tickets!

  14. Help. Have Candy Crush on my IPad. Problem is, cannot send/rec requests from FB pals. This is 4th time I have started the game, and do not want to begin all over again once req, lives is fixed. Any ideas?

  15. Elaine Baker Drake says:

    Maybe restart I pad

  16. Sorry Jude I don't know . I've never had that problem

  17. Dawn Mooney says:

    you do not have to accept them at the time of signing in…. wait until you have used up some of your lives then accept the lives as needed from friends

  18. Nancy Ann Bailey says:

    How can you get extra lives on your home computer?

  19. you need to click on the ticket to ask friends to help…

  20. Ria Murphy says:

    i agree with jean higgins. we keep getting lives from friends but candy crush only allows 5 at a time and the lives sent by friends are deleted. how stupid is that!!!!! you need to seriously fix that problem. what is the point of getting new lives from friends and adding friends if the lives are deleted anyways.???!!!!

  21. by asking friends.but u can only use 5 at atime. don't click on more than 5 friends that give u lives

  22. Rick Diculous says:

    Tyler didn't make the game… this is called "a blog"

    * cannot is 1 word, u r retired & do not know that… :/

  23. Patty Grant says:

    why cant we get to are friends list like we use to dont like the way they have it now like the other way better cant really ask my friends like i use to so dont get the lifes like before

  24. Delete it off your IPad ,and then download it again and tap yes for FB .If you already have candy crush on your face book you should not lose your scores.

  25. Susan HandThompson says:

    Vincent Smith I do and I still don't get exra lives or tickets.

  26. Chicky Rhinehart says:

    Rick Diculous – are you the spelling Nazi? If so how come you don't know that u is actually spelled YOU and r is actually spelled ARE?

  27. Vincent Smith When I click on the ticket, it tells me about adobe flash. I play on my computer a lot. Does that make a difference?

  28. Dori Breitbach No, I also play on laptop. I also started getting adobe flash a lot and just kept downloading it till it stopped asking,

  29. I would just keep trying till it starts working

  30. When in doubt create bombs! I've been using my own trick … bombs!

  31. Just click the x in the top right corner of the pop up box then you save them for when you need them.

  32. Nagma Gk says:

    easiest way is to log off from facebook and complete the tasks.. there are three and you are able to do the next after 24 hours.

  33. Nagma Gk says:

    because not everyone has facebook. so they've created an option for ppl without fb. check it out

  34. I am stuck on level 181. It's been weeks. So frustrating.

  35. Celeste Stallman Iapichino says:

    I was stuck forever and then all of a sudden when I lost all hope…bingo! I did it at moms…now stuck at 199.

  36. Rick Diculous says:

    jeeez, let's not be pedantic… r & U are ubiquitous 'net abrev.s …welcome to 2014 u olde farte (just think of me as Andy Rooney) Even Sammy Davis criticized provincial bigots on their dilettantism 😉

  37. The same as Jean below. I WANT THE LIVES THAT MY FELLOW FB CANDY CRUSHERS SEND ME. Today (and many many days) I got five EXTRA LIVES from Friends. New day, I auto got 5 lives. After I played my 5 lives — I was DEAD. I DID NOT get to use the extra lives my friends sent. NOT VERY NICE TYLER.

  38. Teresa Usher says:

    I would like to know why everytime there's a up date on my game they erase my lives.l had 134 lives and they done a update and erased them .

  39. Larry J. Rodgers says:

    On my lap top & PC I play my 5 free games, then I click on a small envelope in the upper right hand corner of my game board. This takes you to a list of friends that have sent you a free life. Only click on 5 names. Play those 5 games, then repeat the envelope "trick". I ask for free lives from friends every time I play Candy Crush, then they will stock up in storage for when I need them. USE YOUR ENVELOPE

  40. Larry J. Rodgers says:

    I think your brother is pulling a joke on you. If he's telling the truth, I want in on the secret too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Larry J. Rodgers I tried over and over to find an envelope on both regular candy crush and candy crush w/Otus — There is NO enveople anywhere on either game page. I am a secretary and TOP scorer on both games and understand the rules. Today, two friends sent me extra lives, I clicked to receive them, I played my reg five games — then NO WHERE did I find to get the TWO extra lives sent to me by my friends. Yesterday, four friends sent me extra lives — NEVER was able to play them.
    I'm playing on a desk top with a 23 inch monitor, so I see my screens very well.

  42. Beverley Bonar says:

    I was getting five lives with Candy Crush as well as five in the owl section. Now i get only five lives all up. Does anyone know why?

  43. Sherry Arnsby I too cannot find the lives my friends have sent. It is very frustrating.

  44. You can stockpile them on your phone for a later date. Don't know why you can't do that on a desktop.

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