How to get Extra Lives in Candy Crush Using Facebook

How to get Extra Lives in Candy Crush Using Facebook

One thing that can irritate a lot of people about the game of candy crush is the fact that you only get one life every 30 minutes. This means that you cannot play the game for as long as you want to if you keep losing lives. Some levels are over very quickly if there is a bomb that explodes early on. This means that you may only get a few minutes of playing time. It is possible though, to get extra lives.

Candy_CrushIf you play through Facebook then you can get your friends that also play to send you lives. You can request lives when you run out by clicking the ‘+’ sign that appears by the pink heart section that shows how many lives you have (or do not have!) However, it is much friendlier to send your friends a life, in the hope that when they pick it up they will send you back one in return. This is not always possible when playing on mobile devices, but when you first open the game in Facebook it will let you know who has sent you a life and give you the opportunity to send them one back. If they tick that option you will get a life. To send friends a life you may get the option to send them when you first open the game. You will also be able to send lives to selected players when you select a game to play, as long as they have already completed that level. If you are ahead of most of your friends, then you can go back to previous levels that they are on and open those up and send them lives that way. You will be able to see how far they have got as their photo will be next to the level that they are currently working on.  If you know that a Facebook friend is currently playing the game, as they have requested or sent a life, then send them a life and request one. You could end up sending each other lives for a while.

It is important to understand that when you play in Facebook that you will have to reload the game to pick up lives that have been sent to you while you are in the process of playing the game. It is also important to know that if you open the game after not playing for a while, you will have maximum lives and if friends have sent you any, you will not be able to take advantage of them as your lives cannot go above the maximum of five. In order to get around this, leave the game open all of the time. When you go back and play it, play out the five lives that will have accumulated and then reload the game to pick up the lives that your friends have sent to you.

A real cheats way of getting extra lives if you play on Facebook is to set up some extra profiles and then send lives from those by requesting them from your game and then logging in to those dummy profiles and sending the lives from them. If you play on a mobile device then you can reset your clock to reset your number of lives. Just set it to the following day or a significant number of hours later and your lives will become full again. Be warned though, changing your clock or date setting could upset other apps that you run so change it back again once you have stopped playing the game.

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