Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld

Candy Crush Saga has introduced some new levels in the game called Dreamworld. Currently there are 65 levels in dreamworld. These levels are comparable to the levels 1-65 in the normal game except they feature a lot more blockers. For some people who have been stuck on levels for quite some time, this is a savior. You can now play new levels in this separate world and leave that stuck level behind…for now. As once you beat all the dreamworld levels, you must return to the normal world where you were before.

The new Dreamworld Levels feature many jelly square levels and actually doesn’t even feature any timed levels… which is good news for some. There is also a new blocker called the moon scale. An owl sits atop two different colored candies, and you must keep the scale even or they will fall and you will instantly fail the level. Ah, just when we were getting better at Candy Crush, they just have to thrown in another variable. This does create a good challenge and I think many of us really like Dream World. Comment below and let us know what yu think of the new Candy Crush Saga levels in Dreamworld. Also, Check back soon for updates on dreamworld and level guides for Candy Crush Saga’s new dreamworld episode.

Dreamworld candy crush

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