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Candy Crush Saga has introduced some new levels in the game called Dreamworld. Currently there are 65 levels in dreamworld. These levels are comparable to the levels 1-65 in the normal game except they feature a lot more blockers. For some people who have been stuck on levels for quite some time, this is a savior. You can now play new levels in this separate world and leave that stuck level behind…for now. As once you beat all the dreamworld levels, you must return to the normal world where you were before.

The new Dreamworld Levels feature many jelly square levels and actually doesn’t even feature any timed levels… which is good news for some. There is also a new blocker called the moon scale. An owl sits atop two different colored candies, and you must keep the scale even or they will fall and you will instantly fail the level. Ah, just when we were getting better at Candy Crush, they just have to thrown in another variable. This does create a good challenge and I think many of us really like Dream World. Comment below and let us know what yu think of the new Candy Crush Saga levels in Dreamworld. Also, Check back soon for updates on dreamworld and level guides for Candy Crush Saga’s new dreamworld episode.

Dreamworld candy crush

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61 comments on “Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld
  1. Wendy Wilson La Bute says:

    Frustrating! That owl keeps falling down! Can't get past my level!

  2. Leah Charifson says:

    I can't figure out how to balance that scale. Suggestions?

  3. If the scales are red and blue candies, and you use blue, you would have to counteract it by using red to level it out.

  4. Leah Charifson says:

    Debra Perrewe thanks. I finally figured that out. Duh. Now I'm stuck on 181 on the main game.

  5. I`m stuck on level 76.I get the fruit down on bottom line ,but they just won`t go through. What am I not doing right…….

  6. i am stuck on level 43 in dream world,i hate that bird

  7. I like Dreamworld a lot better than the original game. The owl on the moon makes it more interesting.

  8. On the dream world. It does not show you the owl and what two colors to keep balanced on the Iphone

  9. I don't like the bird either. I think I am doing so well then the bird falls. Take the bird away.

  10. Jeanne Hardt says:

    If you are going to limit my moves and the colors then it should reshuffle when you only have one of the two colors or give you another couple seconds to balance out if you had to make a move you didn't want to to line up the next color.

  11. I like Dreamworld but sometimes when you use two stripes or wrapped or chocolate ball the results make the bird fall even if he was even before this move. It is very frustrating.

  12. Cornel Brüggemann says:

    Must be a setting for you. It works fine on my Iphone

  13. Cornel Brüggemann says:

    Same here really frustrating you need the chain reactions for the score but the owl always tips at that lvl

  14. Roy Mengot says:

    Make sure there is an exit vortex at the bottom. Some scenarios only let some of the lowest squares to exit fruit.

  15. Roy Mengot says:

    I quit Dream World for that Reason. Get a good combination to clear some board … and die. That's not fun.

  16. Lee MunLim says:

    How do you get back to that world and get to the next level?

  17. Leah Charifson Good luck with that! It took my at least a month to get through 181.

  18. Betty Ohern says:


  19. Kottia T. Smith says:

    heeey I need help I think in dreamworld I am pass number 65 that leads to this key hole but I cant go through why is this I being trying and trying cant move anymore

  20. Tonya Michele says:

    stuck on this same level and every time I get close that owl falls! lol

  21. Kim Paul says:

    There is only 65 levels for now,have to wait.

  22. Katie Stevens says:

    the owl is the dumbest thing ever!!!! I quit playing candy crush all together because of the stupid damn bird very frustrating!!!!!!

  23. I am stuck on one level also and that stupid owl falls all the time. Even when it is balanced at the beginning of a chain reaction. I really hate that owl!

  24. I love Dreamworld done all 65 level better than candy crush saga I have been stuck on 181 to long

  25. Cindy Nelson says:

    I just want to know how I get the key, once I have reached the end.

  26. Jordan Webb says:

    I love Dreamworld wayyyyy more. It's more interesting. :) And more fun.. I get higher scores!

  27. Silvia Murphy says:

    Am just about fed up with Candy Crush Saga and Dreamworld too. Of course we all want a game to have some challenges. But the creators of this game have gone overboard to the point where it is nothing but frustration. A way to make them big bucks. They created it so players would have to spend money to get through each level. Sorry. Not in my case. If I can't play just for fun, I'm done. I think the owl falling off his perch and wasting what moves you have left is unfair. No I'm not giving you more money for more lives,.

  28. Mary Nowlin says:

    stuck on 350 in real world what can i do hurry up with more boards in dream world

  29. Mary Nowlin says:

    stuck on 350 in real world what can i do hurry up with more boards in dream world

  30. Mary Nowlin says:

    stuck on 350 in real world what can i do hurry up with more boards in dream world

  31. Robin Smith says:

    So far, it's interesting and I'm moving along quite rapidly, unlike the original game where one can be stuck for a very long time until they get discouraged enough to say to he– with it!

  32. Gary Wade says:

    great alternative for a change, wish they had more levels, already cleared the 65

  33. James Furr says:

    I think this is great,if it was easy it wouldn't be fun,I love the owl when he covers his eye's and when he flaps his wings trying to keep from falling,everybody doesn't need to spend money to have fun,playing is optional…play at the risk of having fun or being beat up by an owl…

  34. Irene Piper says:

    I have also and waiting for more to play…

  35. Candi Wawa says:

    Betty – how did you get off of level 43 where you have to get 160,000 points w/o the owl falling over? Any tips?

  36. I have never spent a dime, but i am only on level 90

  37. What does it mean and what advantages do i have when the owl flies off the the game says "Moon Struck"?

  38. Amber Mckay says:

    what is the trick to level 49

  39. Michelle Wilson says:

    stupid idea you guys make millions nd give o


  41. Beth Nevins says:

    you nee a "cheat" guide for dream world too, as there are some levels that are just as difficult as the regular world.

  42. Linda Caplette says:

    ahhh lmao shoot the owl. the owl keeps one cursing but laughing. poor owl gets cursed lots :). i will say i have cursed my move then the owl then because i am out of my 5 lives in a few minutes. but i will beat that owl. i will not give up. easier to beat the owl than quit smoking. have fun all it is only a game. lol gotta think quicker than the owl before it falls. its like bingo, one says sh$$ more than they say bingo. have fun.

  43. Yeah,, That owl suck.lo l I keep hoping when it falls it dies!!

  44. Cathy Hoag says:

    how do you get past level 65 on the drteam world on candy crush. i keep asking but get no answer.

  45. I did love dreamworld, went fast and had fun. Now I am on 52 for 2 weeks and I get great candy combinations but have no control with the owl. Not fair or fun anymore

  46. I finished Dreamworld, and I really enjoyed it. I wish I could continue and miss it terribly.

  47. You need to adjust level 144 I have passed it with over the limit of points and it won't let me pass. You need to look at it or you will loose me and a lot of my friends.

  48. I am at 65, how do I get pasted this??????

  49. I'm at level 50 in dreamworld, says I have to complete an episode to move on. WTH

  50. why i only have 5lives for dreamworld and norml game while my friends have different 5lives for dreamworld and for normal game

  51. I'm stuck on level 380 in dreamworld it looks like I have smashed all the jellies but it keeps saying I have one left any suggestions anyone?

  52. Suzann Mahoney says:

    Same here, I have the same set of lives for both games but friends have different set of lives for each version. I have emailed King but of course have not received a reply

  53. Looking for level 71 in dreamworlds

  54. Kabir Khan says:

    I am in levle 50 but its loclocked and I have no gold. so how can I unlocked??????plaza help me

  55. Jigo Biyoyo says:

    . .tickets

  56. Jigo Biyoyo says:

    . .maybe its a glitch, im currently on 328. .

  57. Jigo Biyoyo says:

    . .your game was updated

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