Candy Crush Daily Booster Wheel

For any of you playing Candy Crush Saga on your mobile device or non-desktop system should now be made aware that you can update your app and use the Daily Booster Wheel to get free boosters every day! This awesome new wheel was just recently added to the game to help players a little bit more every day. You can really get going on some levels when you have these boosters. You can win 1 of 8 awesome boosters so you know that you will win something every time. The Daily Booster Wheel was added to the game Dec. 17th, 2013 and has no expected end date for this special daily prize.


You can spin this gift giving booster wheel once every 24 hours and it has a lot of great boosters to win every day. As you can see from the pictures there are a number of Candy Crush boosters you can win. You can win the color bomb, lollipop hammer, lucky candy, coconut wheel and a few other great boosters. You can view all the Candy Crush Boosters on our Candy Crush Boosters page. If you do not see the booster wheel when you start your game of Candy Crush Saga you are probably not on the updated version of the app, so you to your app store and update to the newest version of Candy Crush. You should then be able to spin this wheel daily and get some extra boosters to help you beat the game!

If you are having trouble finding the daily wheel booster, check out the image below. It shows what it looks like on a ipad and where the daily booster wheel icon is. It will show up when you can spin it. If you cannot find it, you either need to update your app or wait the 24 hours to spin again.


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