Candy Crush Daily Booster Wheel

For any of you playing Candy Crush Saga on your mobile device or non-desktop system should now be made aware that you can update your app and use the Daily Booster Wheel to get free boosters every day! This awesome new wheel was just recently added to the game to help players a little bit more every day. You can really get going on some levels when you have these boosters. You can win 1 of 8 awesome boosters so you know that you will win something every time. The Daily Booster Wheel was added to the game Dec. 17th, 2013 and has no expected end date for this special daily prize.


You can spin this gift giving booster wheel once every 24 hours and it has a lot of great boosters to win every day. As you can see from the pictures there are a number of Candy Crush boosters you can win. You can win the color bomb, lollipop hammer, lucky candy, coconut wheel and a few other great boosters. You can view all the Candy Crush Boosters on our Candy Crush Boosters page. If you do not see the booster wheel when you start your game of Candy Crush Saga you are probably not on the updated version of the app, so you to your app store and update to the newest version of Candy Crush. You should then be able to spin this wheel daily and get some extra boosters to help you beat the game!

If you are having trouble finding the daily wheel booster, check out the image below. It shows what it looks like on a ipad and where the daily booster wheel icon is. It will show up when you can spin it. If you cannot find it, you either need to update your app or wait the 24 hours to spin again.


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99 comments on “Candy Crush Daily Booster Wheel
  1. Carol McCoy says:

    I play on my lap top computer onFB and the Wheel does not come up until the game is over Why I can't up date it on fb

  2. Kate LaVertu says:

    This fantastic, I need all the help I can get but love candy crush.

  3. Cheryl Cooperman says:

    Can't find the booster game. any suggestions?

  4. Evelyn Bloom says:

    the only thing I get on the booster wheel is share with a friend,

  5. My Facebook connection suddenly quit oft this game. I can still play but no daily spin available or asking for lives. VERY To:

    Heard it before but it is wild!!!!
    This is hilarious.

  6. Estelle Wynn says:

    all i get from the boosters are share with friend what to do?

  7. Robert Boisvert says:

    Sometimes when you spin for a prize and you accept it, it does not show up on the game. This happens quite often.

  8. my wife said she has created a monster lol. love this game.

  9. JoAnn Routh says:

    What does the hand and the lollipop[ and the donut do?
    Do you have to be at a certain level to activate them?

  10. my mailbox is suddenly not showing up – friends send me lives but i can't see or get them! Any suggestions

  11. Tyler Horvath XI says:

    check out our boosters page to see what all the boosters do

  12. Kim Ortega says:

    I cnat tell you how many times the wheel stops on the lolly pop lookiing thing and it never shows up on on my game, how come?

  13. Hakima Kakar Aariz says:

    I've had the same problem!!

  14. Hakima Kakar Aariz says:

    Except mine is the color full donut looking thing

  15. Karen Alam says:

    the hand switches two colors that don't match but it also costs you a move to use it.. the lollipop will get rid of the candy you choose,, the donut will get rid of all the colors on the board of the one you switch it with

  16. I was always getting the daily booster wheel but now it is gone. Can anyone tell me why?

  17. Karen Bolden says:

    My daily booster wheel has disappeared. How can I get it back – I've uninstalled and reinstalled but just lost all my accumulated boosts and the wheel didn't reappear.

  18. Julie Bok says:

    My Daily Booster wheel on Facebook Candy Crush has been missing for more than 24 hours. How do I get it back?

  19. Sarah Wroble says:

    Mine has disappeared too!!! I'm ns why but, I'm glad I'm not the only one having this problem. I was hoping to see a response from someone who knew what was going on but, I don't see any answers on this site..only questions from ppl who are experiencing problems with the game!!!

  20. Sue Swift says:

    My booster wheel is gone, but my daughter also plays on my android tablet and when she logs in, the daily booster wheel is there. I tried un-install/re-install and it's still the same. I don't get the booster wheel on the tablet OR on the pc connected to facebook. For her, it works just fine. There's definitely some sort of problem.

  21. Darren Chong says:

    I had the same problem with you, that's why it brought me here and try to solve this out. Do you have any answer yet?

  22. Darren Chong says:

    I had the same problem with you, that's why it brought me here and try to solve this out. Do you have any answer yet?

  23. Karen Bolden says:

    Darren Chong no response. its strange as my husband still has his. I'm on android and c level 150 he is ipad and lower level I wonder if that is a reason?

  24. Darren Chong says:

    Karen Bolden i don't think related to level. My girlfriend C.C level at 318 and she still have the booster wheel instead i'm still at level 185.

  25. Darren Chong says:

    Karen Bolden I had just pass the train stage (Need 3 friends to helped) suddenly the booster wheel appear again. I don't know what's going on with our current C.C Perhaps need to pass the train stage will only pop out back?

  26. Karen Bolden says:

    I hope so! I'll keep going – it gives me hope!

  27. Darren Chong says:

    Karen Bolden Yes indeed…..good luck sister 😉

  28. Leela Keshavan says:

    Same thing. My kids had it on their iPads and iPhone 5s devices. On my 4s it was gone. Now today it's back. It vanished a week or so ago

  29. Leela Keshavan says:

    mine was gone for a few days. today its back.

  30. Sarah Wroble says:

    I'm 's if this is where to post this but, someone posted a "candy crush" giveaway on Facebook. U had to click, like and share and then comment "thanks candy crush" and u were supposed to be able to claim a total of 99 free boosters,( 33 x 3 of different boosters ), and then click " claim prize". However, after following all those directions..that post just disappears w/o giving u the opportunity to claim anything!!!!!! WTH!!!!

  31. Samantha Lakin says:

    What is the red hand on the booster wheel?

  32. Kathi Bass says:

    If the booster you win isn't available on the level you're playing, it will show up on the next level that offers that particular booster.

  33. I have just received an update on 2/14/14. I have the booster wheel but it is darkened and I cannot spin…what is the problem? I don't get the no connection error, but I used too. Any suggestions.

  34. Benny Palmer says:

    You can get 5 spins a day a ha

  35. Wheel does not spin anymore. Why?

  36. The booster wheel is still on the app on my android, but it is completely gone on the desktop version of the game. It is literally no where to be found! Anyone else have this problem? Also, I wish the game would be the same for the phone version and desktop version. I think that the desktop version is way easier and you have many more options for boosters. Why is that?

  37. Karen Tognoli Rossi says:

    Yep….it has never appeared when I am playing it on my computer.

  38. i have spun 3 times for a prize, accept it, it does not show up on the game. Is this a scam?

  39. The wheel doesn't show up on my PC! And when it showed up I didn't receive my prizes!

  40. Hanif Ullah says:

    No its just the booster you get isn't usable in the respective level… it is reserved for next levels you further explore & unlock.

  41. Laurie Weigel says:

    Has anyone ever gotten the Jackpot on the daily bonus? I have NEVER gotten the Jackpot.

  42. Very often I get the booster I accept it but it does not show up .can anyone help ?

  43. Tricia Tramaine says:

    The daily Booster wheel icon is present and when I click on it the wheel launches, but the wheel is dark grey and will not spin. When I close the wheel and try to launch it again it tells me to come back later for another spin. The game is on my iPhone and is not linked to my Facebook, nor do I want it to be. Does anyone know why this is happening ??

  44. Shannon Tetzlaff says:

    Having same problem. Can't find any info on why this is happening. Can anyone help?

  45. Michelle Judd says:

    My iphone is doing the same thing, I can't spin, but my ipad will spin. Sounds like i'm not the only one!

  46. Mary Vincent says:

    What is the gold bar used for, will it cost to use it???

  47. Robert Stair says:

    So far I've hit the jackpot only once, having spun the wheel maybe 100 times. (Just guessing there. I have no idea how many total spins, but I do know I've only hit the jackpot once) I've tried timing when I hit the button several times with no success. It seems to be rigged, but, like I said, rigged to let you win eventually, just not very often.

  48. Laurie Weigel says:

    Thanks for the input. Been spinning the wheel since it was added. I've never gotten it. Oh well. I agree with you it is probably rigged.

  49. Rivani Silva says:

    Daily booster wheel is not working for many days y?

  50. This same problem just happened to my husband on his iPad. He is using the latest version of Andy crush, but the booster wheel remains blacked out. Does anyone have a fix for this?

  51. Some boosters only work with certain types of games, don't worry, you don't lose the booster. Once you move up to other levels, you will see those long lost boosters :)

  52. Now the booster wheel is gone! Plus, when he played the game on the desktop, everything was fine and he progressed to the next level. Back to his iPad and o booster wheel and it didn't register his new level.

  53. Daily booster has not worked FO a week it continues to stay dark. Can anyone help me

  54. Daily booster wheel has not worked for weeks! Have contacted king support who promised to get back in a couple of days. That was over a week ago!! Does anyone out there have a solution??

  55. Judy Girod says:

    I am also experiencing this problem and have not yet found anyone with an answer! The booster wheel was great when it worked.

  56. My free spin has stopped working – I get a message saying my Facebook session has expired but I don't play through FB, just on the app. Are they trying to force you to connect via FB in order to qualify for the free spin now???

  57. Rose Goff says:

    Reinstalled candy crush lost all my boosters and lives

  58. Anat Tal says:

    Same thing, also happend for the first time today. tought the same thing.

  59. Derek Lewis says:

    Not working anymore. For a while!

  60. Trish Dhobi says:

    any luck with a solution? i'm having the same problem :(

  61. Michelle Judd says:

    thought I was having problems with my iPhone! I doubt candy crush will respond.

  62. Dan Samford says:

    Same thing here since 8/22 I dont link with FB, but it says "Connection Failed, Your FB session has expired, please log in again"…. Not

  63. Lisa Arnell says:

    My did the same thing!! I was on about level 360 and just figured i log in to facebook to try and get my free spin and it started me at level 1!!! I logged out and same thing!! I've had to start all over. I even uninstalled it and installed it again and I can't get the daily spin to work..anybody have any answers???

  64. Lisa Arnell says:

    Robert Stair I totally think it's rigged too!! So many times it should have stop and somehow jumped to the next one!

  65. Lisa Arnell That totally sucks! I found the extra boost super helpful and makes me want to play less now that I don't have it… thank goodness I didn't try to connect and have to start over – I would have quit for sure!

  66. Karen Taylor says:

    I've been having the same problem for 3 days now, yet never played through FB. Anyone have any ideas?

  67. Faithful Grace says:

    Same thing happened to me. Mine just started today though. I have never logged in on a Facebook account. The problem is now I have 22 bars in gold coins that they gave me for free, but I can't use them now because it can't contact the amazon store either. When I go to my wheel is says the same thing. So basically, I can only play without boosters. If this doesn't get fixed in the next day or so, that'll be it for me. They won't force me to play with Facebook. I just won't play. It probably would be for the best anyways!

  68. Terry Visnich says:

    I have actually gotten the the jackpot!! It gives you three of every booster! Only now they want you to connect to FB!!! I don't think so!!! I will stop playing the game before I do that!! They will get no more money from me!!!

  69. I am with you Laurie I have been spinning this wheel every day since it came out. I get aggravated with myself for playing such a rigged game.

  70. Janet Morgan says:

    My boosters I win from spins are not showing on my candy crush page

  71. Nickie Diggs says:

    My free spin doesn't appear anymore

  72. Alice De says:

    Today onli I saw there is another new version of daily booster wheel with 3 stars to win but the stop wheel button is paid nw I had 3 gold bars and each turn they are asking for more gold bars this supposed to b free where is the older version of wheel we dnt require this change of wheel . Plz fix this its very annoyng

  73. Mine quit working to, what's the problem , I spend to much money on this game!!

  74. Leigh Ann Harvey says:

    I've been playing on my desktop for probably a couple of years. I'm on level 791 and have lots of boosters from the booster wheel. I just got a tablet and got the app. It synced with my facebook just fine so I didn't have to start over again! But I don't have my boosters. Do they not go back and forth between the computer and the tablet?

  75. I lost all my boosters when my candy crush would not connect to Facebook. Is there a way in which I can retrieve them. There were about 50 ish boosters that I lost because I could not use them on level 181. This level I have been on about 6 months which is unacceptable. Please help

  76. Kim Colby says:

    I can't find it on my desktop pc, it seems to have disappeared!! Any ideas, have they moved it or am I going blind??

  77. I had lots of various boosters but they all disappeared. What happened and how do I get them back? This is the second time I have lost all my boosters. I guess I should use them ASAP or they will disappear

  78. Rita Smith says:

    I do the Spin,but do not win

  79. Oscar Disong says:

    Plis tell me if u get ur boosters back…Same thing happened to me

  80. Just lost ALL of my boosters today too. Do they come back eventually?

  81. LaNell Tate says:

    I am stuck on 56 . The seond I get chocolates they come back. I am playing on a kindle fire though that shouldn't matter.

  82. LaNell Tate says:

    I don't have booster wheel.

  83. Norma Wiles says:

    When I do my daily spin The wheel just keeps spinning and never stops . I then have to switch my iPad off and back on . When I go back onto candy crush the wheel the shows come back tomorrow!

  84. LeeAnn Goold says:

    I just lost over 100 boosters I had saved. It welcomed me to dreamworld (I'm on level 62). It explained about the sugar cubes. I'm on level 709 so I've been playing with sugar cubes a while. After all that I get into the game and all my boosters were gone. What happened???

  85. Lucy Ament says:

    I lost all my gold bars , boosters from the daily spin wheel plus all the boosters I had from spending hours collecting the special candies. Last night I had 13 chocolate bars, 3 hand switches, 2 lollipops and other prizes. Now I have nothing. I have spent money also. What's up with this. Once I lost over 600 lives.

  86. Lucy Ament says:

    I see lots of posts but no answer from King. This is a rip off.

  87. Kristy Burge says:

    Not very happy, all my boosters are gone. I have given it several days hoping they would reappear and not a thing.

  88. Mary Cole says:

    Doesn't work half the time

  89. I have been playing this and spinning the wheel for two years. In 2014 my husband was in a coma for 6 months. I played this every day. Today the wheel slowed down and I counted the clicks, I was finally going to hit the jackpot ! The I got a server error.! This is wrong, and not that much fun anyway. I don't think I will play anymore.

  90. Pamela Damm says:

    I'm on level 1842. Got all the prizes multiple times, NEVER got the jackpot. I think it's rigged.

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