Candy Crush Saga Chocolates

Candy Crush Saga Chocolates

In real life, we all love chocolate. It actually is good for you in moderation and can lower your stress levels… but in Candy Crush Saga chocolate is bad for you and will heighten your stress levels. If you are an avid player of Candy Crush Saga you are aware that chocolates are the worst kind of blockers. They are the most abundant blocker in Candy Crush and the second most hated element in the game. The reason its so hated is because it grows back if you don’t clear all the chocolate from the board (if there are no chocolate spawners). Chocolates can be removed by breaking the candies adjacent to it. Chocolates are first introduced to the game in Level 51 and show up throughout the entire game. Luckily, we are masters of Candy Crush Saga and we are here to give you some tips and tricks on how to better work with chocolates and chocolate fountains.


The normal chocolates are easier to work with as if you can remove all the chocolate from the board, they will not show up anymore. Its good to know that chocolates usually do not engulf special candies like wrapped and striped candies but they will engulf color bombs more frequently so its good to remember to use your color bombs as soon as possible on chocolate heavy levels. Chocolate can also be very helpful. If you are playing on a level with a candy bomb, you can actually let the chocolate engulf the bomb and it will defuse it since it will pretty much remove the candy from the  board. The best way to remove chocolates is by using special candy combinations. Chocolates can really put a damper in the amount of moves you have so making special candy combinations is a necessity when clearing chocolate.

On levels where you need to clear jelly your first focus should be clearing all the chocolate. When a chocolate goes over a jelly, you will have to clear the chocolate, then clear the jelly and this can reduce your moves a lot. So be sure to clear all the chocolate first before working on any jelly squares. The only way to clear a jelly square with a chocolate over it in one move is if a jelly fish lands on it. Then it will clear the chocolate as well as the jelly.

On levels where you need to bring ingredients down, you don’t need to worry about chocolates as much as getting the cherries or hazelnuts down to the bottom but the chocolates will still be in your way, so if its possible, clear all the chocolate so you can better bring down the ingredients.

Chocolate_FountainChocolate Spawners are an even worse breed. These first show up in level 156 and are even worse then the normal chocolates. These will keep spawning chocolates the entire level. There is only one way to stop the chocolate spawner and that is a booster called the Bubblegum Troll. You can read more about this booster on our Candy Crush Boosters page. The chocolate spawner will create a chocolate every time you make a move and will not stop. There is no way around this blocker besides working around them and beating the level. When there are more than one of these on a level, its good to play in the middle of all of them trying to keep them all relatively clear of the board. Its good to use wrapped/striped candy combinations on levels with chocolate spawners.

Comment below and let us know what you think about chocolates and what your least favorite levels that feature chocolates are!

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