Candy Crush Boosters

Candy Crush Boosters

Candy Crush Saga Boosters are little things you can buy or receive for free that can help you get through harder levels more easily. Boosters can be purchased through the app and this is how Candy Crush makes most of their money. You can only get 1 booster for free from your friends and that is the +3 moves booster which gives you 3 extra moves. There are boosters that are better for some levels, and there are boosters that can help you on every level. Here is a list of all the boosters you can get in Candy Crush Saga.


Lollipop Hammer –The lollipop hammer is a booster in Candy Crush Saga that will simply crush any candy or jelly you would like. The lollipop hammer can be used on any level and you even get a few for free when you first start the game. Its better to save these for harder levels.


50px-Booster_bomb_cooler Bomb Cooler – The bomb cooler is a booster that can really help on levels that have bombs. When you use this booster, it adds +5 too the countdown of all the bombs on the Candy Crush board. This can really help if you are very close to the end of a level with bombs and they are about to run out.


50px-Booster_sweet_teethSweet Teeth – Sweet teeth are very helpful with levels that have many blockers, especially locked licorice candies, chocolate, licorice swirls, meringues and marmalade’s. These bad boys will chomp down on all those blockers and remove them from the board.


50px-Booster_extra_moves_5 Extra Moves (+5) – The 5 extra moves booster is a booster in Candy Crush Saga that gives you 5 extra moves to use during any level. This booster isnt unlocked until you reach level 8.


50px-Booster_bubblegum_trollBubblegum Troll – The bubblegum troll is a very cool and helpful booster in Candy Crush. You cannot use the bubblegum troll until level 156. This booster is a life saver for any chocolate hater. This booster will clear all chocolate on a level and block the chocolate spawners for 5 moves. This can be very helpful if you are on a chocolate heavy level.


50px-Booster_lucky_candyLucky Candy – Lucky candies are little balls with check marks on them. They are pretty much just a surprise candy…usually a special candy like a striped or wrapped candy. These lucky candy are unlocked in level 131.


50px-Booster_striped_and_wrapped Striped and Wrapped Booster – The Striped and wrapped booster will start your game off with one stripped candy and one wrapped candy per use. This isnt the most helpful booster as its usually pretty easy to just make combinations to make these candies, but it can be helpful on some tougher levels.


50px-Booster_extra_timeExtra Time Booster – The extra time booster is unlocked at level 27. When you get this booster you will be awarded an extra 15 seconds on a timed level. This can be helpful on the higher time levels where you need to get a lot of points in such a little time.


50px-Booster_coconut_wheelCoconut Wheel – The coconut wheel is a great booster for levels that need striped candies. When you use this booster it will create 3 striped candies and then activates the candies. Once you reach level 15, the coconut wheel is activated and you can purchase and use them.


50px-Booster_color_bombColor Bomb – The color bomb is a booster that will start your level out with a color bomb already on the playing board. This can be extremely helpful, escpecially for levels that require orders of color bombs. This booster is unlocked in level 15.

50px-Booster_jelly_fishJelly Fish – The jelly fish booster add jelly fish to the candy crush board. When activated, this booster summons 3 jelly fish that eat jelly at random. These are very helpful for jelly levels and should be used at the end of the level to get the remaining jelly you couldn’t get.

These are currently all of the boosters you can use in Candy Crush Saga. Be sure to check out our article about Candy Crush Blockers and if you aren’t quite sure how to play candy crush, check out our How To Play Candy Crush article for helpful tips on how to play the game.

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