Candy Crush Blockers

Candy Crush Blockers

The game of Candy Crush Saga is so addicting because they make each level harder and harder. They add more obstacles or blockers that you must get by in order to win the level. Candy Crush Saga has many blockers that will get in your way from level 6 all the way to level 500. The blockers get harder and harder and some will go away with one move while others simply cannot be completely destroyed. We will discuss all the possible blockers in the game of Candy Crush and how to properly destroy them or get by them.



chocolate blocker candy crush

In the beginning levels, chocolates are blockers that regenerate if you don’t destroy all of them. Each time you move, a new chocolate will generate until all the chocolate has been cleared (unless there is a chocolate spawner). To clear chocolate simply make a combination adjacent to the chocolate or use special combinations to clear multiple chocolates.

Licorice Swirl

licorice swirl blocker candy crush

Licorice swirls first show up in level 81 of Candy Crush. The licorice swirl looks like a swirl of black licorice.  The black licorice swirl is an invasive blocker. That means that it takes up a candies square. It also has some uncommon features of a blocker in that you can switch it with candies. One of the biggest problems with the licorice swirl is that it is resistant to special candies/combinations. The only special candy that can destroy the licorice swirl is the color bomb or a color bomb combination.

Locked Candies


Locked candies are another blocker in Candy Crush Saga. These blockers are very common in the game and you will come across them often. They can be a very hard blocker to destroy in that you must align the same colored candies as whats inside the licorice. These locked candies look like a candy behind a cage or jail and they first appear in level 25 of Candy Crush. These blockers can be removed by aligning same candies with the locked candy or using a special candy/combination to destroy the lock.

Single Meringue

normal meringue candy crush blocker

Normal Meringues are arguably the easiest blocker to remove in the game of Candy Crush. They are first introduced in level 21 and are often confused with rocks, whipped cream and pie. They can be removed by making a adjacent combination of candies or by using special candy combinations. If there is a jelly underneath a single meringue, you must first destroy the single meringue before destroying the jelly underneath.

Multi-layered Meringue


Meringue are another very common blocker in  Candy Crush. They look like little rock swirls but are actually suppose to be meringue pies. These are also invasive blockers in that they take the place of a candy but are sometimes very hard to get rid of. These are first introduced in level 111 of Candy Crush Saga and can be destroy by aligning adjacent candies to destroy them. They can also be destroyed by using special candies/combinations. Depending on how many layers the meringue is, is how many times you must destroy candies around it for it to be removed. The maximum layers of meringue is 5 layers and in some levels there can be jelly underneath and you cannot destroy the jelly until the meringue is destroyed.

Chocolate Spawner


The chocolate spawner is one of the most annoying blockers in Candy Crush. It is also know as the chocolate fountain or chocolate swirl. The chocolate spawner creates endless amounts of chocolate and  will create  a single chocolate every move you make. Chocolate spawners are first introduced in level 156 of Candy Crush and are the most hated blocker in the game since the spawner itself cannot be destroyed. There are special boosters you can use to stop the chocolate spawners temporarily like the Bubblegum Troll. This clears all the chocolate and temporarily disables the spawner so you can beat the level more easily.



Marmalade is a very common blocker in Candy Crush Saga. It makes its first appearance in level 14. Marmalade is a translucent jelly type substance that covers a candy. Marmalade is broken by destroying adjacent candies to break the substance. If you match a candy combo with the same candy as whats under the marmalade, you will destroy the marmalade but not the candy underneath. You will have to match the candy again to break the candy that was under it. The marmalade is probably one of the easier blockers to destroy and is also one of the most common.

Cake Bomb


The cake bomb is first introduced in level 344 and is one of the harder blockers to destroy. This is the only blocker that takes up 4 squares and is a round cake looking blocker. It can take anywhere between 1 and 8 moves to destroy a cake bomb.  To destroy a cake bomb, simply destroy adjacent candies and pieces of the cake will break off. Once you destroy the cake, a party popper will appear and it will explode all candies and blockers in the level. This can be a good and bad thing. The problem is that is destroys special candies as well, so if you are trying to save them, it will not help you much.

Toffee Tornado

twister candy crush

The toffee tornado is introduced in level 411 in Candy Crush Saga. This is a very tough blocker in that after every move it moves to a random tile on the board. These blockers can sometimes be helpful in that if they land on a blocker, they will destroy it once they move. There are also some other unusual things about this blocker like if it destroys a wrapped candy, the wrapped candy will only explode once. This is also the only blocker that is not seen in the last level… level 500.

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