The Best Ways to Win Candy Crush

Candy Crush can be an irritating game at times as some levels are definitely much more difficult than others. There are some tips, however, that you can use to help with many of the levels that should help you to do better.

You should not let any level get the better of you. You will learn more and more about the level the more that you play it and begin to understand the tactics required to solve it. You will find that sometimes it is just impossible to solve that particular level. Sometimes you just do not get the candies that you need and so you will have to be patient, but play carefully so that when you get a chance to do well and pass the level, that you take advantage of it.

booster-wheelAlthough it is not necessary to buy special boosters, they can help you. It is sometimes possible to get them for free such as when you spin the wheel each day, get rewarded for playing other King branded games when offers appear and when friends send them to you. It is wise to save these up until you get to a level which is taking you a significantly long time to resolve. Unfortunately, you may waste it by using it on a level that is impossible to solve which can be annoying, but with the lollipop hammers and switches you can select these mid game and so they may be very useful. If you have just a few moves left and are close to solving it, then it is worth considering whether these will help.

Making candy combinations is probably the best way to solve a level. This means getting a striped candy, wrapped candy or colour bomb. If you can combine them together you can get a much more powerful reaction. A striped candy will clear a row and a wrapped one will clear an area of 9 candies, but combining them together you will clear three rows and three columns which is significantly more candy. These can be great for clearing trapped candies, jelly, chocolate, cakes and anything else that is blocking you. They are also good at providing a path for ingredients to drop through giving them a better chance of reaching the bottom. Combinations with the colour bomb are also very good. Two colour bombs will clear the board of candies and replace them with new but will not clear blockages such as cakes; therefore it may not always be useful. Combining a colour bomb with a striped candy will change every candy of that colour to a striped one and can clear significant areas of the board. The colour bomb and wrapped candy will remove all candies of that colour and then another set of them as well. These can be particularly useful if you are aiming to collect a certain colour candy or need to make combinations, which will be easier if one colour is removed.

Another way to do better at specific levels is to find articles and videos which have specific information on how to solve it. It is amazing how much easier it is to solve a level when you have watched a walk through video of someone solving it even if you learn nothing new from it with regards to tactics. It is almost as if knowing it is possible to solve it makes you more confident and you can do it more easily.

Other than that, take it slowly, consider the necessary tactics and keep checking all areas of the board rather than concentrating on just one. Most importantly enjoy yourself – it is a game after all!

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66 comments on “The Best Ways to Win Candy Crush

  2. Armeta Ringman says:

    Love the game ,only on 73 It has been a long time moving.

  3. Lorraine Kaefer says:

    have been stuck on 107 for months

  4. Lus Garcia says:

    im stuck on level 191help plis

  5. Karen Jane Hodan-Mainous says:

    I have been stuck on 30 for 3 days and I have been playing only two weeks. It is crazy!

  6. Nina Jones says:

    stuck on 181 long time. How can I skip that level

  7. Mary Penney says:

    I am stuck on level 23 forever.

  8. I am stuck bad on level 92, help please

  9. I have been stuck on 30 for about 3 weeks. i know other people have gotten off of it, i sure wish i could.

  10. Kate Sannicks-Lerner says:

    It got me, too, but I finally passed it one day!

  11. Linaye Williams says:

    Stuck on Level 109 forever. Help!

  12. How do you get help to unlock a level….I need friends to help me

  13. Rolande Cyr says:

    je suis au niveau 181, impossible d'avancer

  14. Diane Sirois says:

    Décourage toi pas tu va y arrivée

  15. Linda Black says:

    I am stuck on 70 cant get out of it need help

  16. I am a beginner. Stuck on level 28. Help.

  17. Kim Dallaire says:

    Moi aussi, je suis au meme niveau cela fais 2 semaines…

  18. Diane Gilson says:

    Me again. I love Candy Crush Saga and hope I can help get you through the levels. Remember to spin the wheel every day and use your boosters in the upper right hand corner of your game. Save the teeth for chocolate. Learn how to make striped candies (4 in a row). Soon it will come easy to you. Also, watch the direction of the stripes on the candies. They show which direction they will go. Take your time. It's like playing chess.

  19. Cindy Alarcon says:

    I'm frustrated with level 30

  20. Susan Graves says:

    fI have been on level 125 forever. About to give up!!!!

  21. just started playing 2 weeks ago, also….stuck on 30…seems impossible!

  22. Beth Thompson says:

    Level 245 everytime I make a wrapped candy to combine with a striped it blows up so how do you solve this level when you need five wrapped combined with five stripped? About fed up with this game!!!!

  23. Helen Neff says:

    I am stuck on 149 and have been for a week now. Really making me mad

  24. Carol Kay Anderson says:

    I have been stuck on level 36 for about a month and a half. When I spin the wheel and win a prize, I never get it unless it is the fish or the bomb. How in the world do you get off of these levels?

  25. Gerard Grandy says:

    you can,t just keep playing you will get it ..

  26. Judy Desnoyers says:

    I am suck on 21 Which are the jellys?

  27. I want to spin the wheel but it states that i need to be connected and i am…never had the problem before tonite

  28. Same here I must have played it for 2 weeks now, 100s of times

  29. Rolande Cyr says:

    La je suis prise au 191 hihi

  30. George Baker says:

    stuck on 149 it is impossible it feels like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Vickie Welty says:

    I know dozens of people who play this game regularly and non of them, including me has ever gotten the jackpot on the spin wheel. Anybody out there gotten it???

  32. Vickie Hayes says:

    Level 245 took me forever to conquer. Wait till you hit 265 – even worse!

  33. Janice Johnson says:

    Stuck on level 214 and can't even figure out how it works short of having the apples and cherries line up perfectly with a downward stripped candy – impossible. Help please!

  34. Level 98 keeps closing before I even have a chance to use my 40 moves. Is there a glitch in that level.

  35. 461 is crazy I've been trying for weeks!

  36. I also am stuck on level 245. Also am almost fed up with this game. Too irritating. Maybe I'll keep on trying, maybe I'll quit.

  37. Linda Haimov says:

    132 driving me even more crazy !!!

  38. Margaret Carter says:

    i have never got jackpot on the wheel why? does it never stop there

  39. Chris Palladino says:

    Anyone defeat Level 201???? Help plse

  40. Janice Cook says:

    109 has me confused..not sure how to even start and what I need to be doing… I buy 0 helps so when I clear a level…;).

  41. Janice Cook says:

    I cannot figure what each wheel helps??the hand….donut??..jackpot? When would best time to use any of these??

  42. Annie J Titanium says:

    neverrrrrr …..wonder why???? Would be nice to get it

  43. i am stuck on 140 for 2 months. my boosters i get from the wheel and people sending me some. i can never use. i see them in the dark and if i could use them maybe then i could get off. some of the time is have been ill and couldn't play my saved up boosters i can't use why did they make it so difficult so you would have to buy something. won't do that

  44. i am stuck on 140 for 2 months. my boosters i get from the wheel and people sending me some. i can never use. i see them in the dark and if i could use them maybe then i could get off. some of the time is have been ill and couldn't play my saved up boosters i can't use why did they make it so difficult so you would have to buy something. won't do that

  45. Help! Was offline for a few days, but back. Lost my booster wheel. Any advice how to get back?


  47. I am stuck on levle 169 help plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Janice Cook says:

    ok…I give…level 155….any secrets??

  49. I was at level 491 and ll
    lost my tablet can I retrieve somehow

  50. Gene Moore says:

    I am stuck on level 963 .easey level cant figure it out .tryed everthing, someone help me please.

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